Forever and a Day


Forever and a Day

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If you had no idea of what contemporary folk music is, the Kruger Brothers Forever and a Day could easily provide an education into the musical geography of the genre. From blues, to country, to swing—there’s even a samba in here—the four musicians featured on this collection use their mastery of their instruments to provide a clean, fresh setting for nine original songs and three reinterpretations of old favorites. This album features the brilliant percussionist Josh Day.

Track Listing

1.   Forever and a Day
2.   The Plan
3.   Appalachian Mist
4.   A Warm Evening Breeze
5.   Snowbird
6.   Down in the Coalmine
7.   Once I had a Sweetheart
8.   Don't Think Twice
9.   When Your Lover has Gone
10.  Cowboy's Blues
11.  If I Needed You
12.  The Wedding Song

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