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Spirit of the Rockies CD Released!

kruger brothers spirit of the rockies cd

The Spirit of the Rockies is a poetic, spiraling tale about ghosts, relationships and guides – both seen and unseen. It is a story about love, spiritual legacy, the sharing of beauty, and the yearning for freedom from the restrictions of the mind.

In 2011, The Kruger Brothers were commissioned to write a musical work for the Banff Centre in Alberta, Canada. Jens saw for the first time the Canadian Rockies he had heard so much about. Jens recalls, “I was instantly transformed by the breathtaking beauty of the mountains and lakes and immediately began imagining and creating music in my mind that could reflect such a landscape.” Jens and Uwe explored the history of the Banff area of the Canadian Rockies and the ancestral ghost stories of the native tribes that inhabited them. Jens and Uwe found a similarity and spiritual connection among the people in high mountains across the world having grown up listening to the folklore and ghost stories about the Swiss Alps. From this vision the theme for the Spirit of the Rockies was born. Click to read more....

Jens Wins!

Jens Kruger Wins 2013 Steve Martin Prize for Excellence in Banjo
Jens Kruger has been named as the fourth recipient of the Steve Martin Prize for Excellence in Banjo and Bluegrass Music. Kruger is known for his innovative banjo composition and performance that integrates folk music with European classical music.  Kruger is the first North Carolina resident and first winner born outside the of United States.

Kruger is known for his inventive, hard to categorize musical style of composition and performance, which can be described as thoughtful and lyrical.  His virtuosic playing style ranges from the very complex, to the simple and profound. Jens Kruger and The Kruger Brothers have raised awareness about bluegrass music by writing and performing classical pieces that incorporate the instrumentation of banjo, guitar and bass. The Kruger Brothers consist of Jens Kruger (banjo, harmony vocals), Uwe Kruger (guitar, lead and harmony vocals) and Joel Landsberg (bass, harmony vocals). Click to read the entire story.

Remembering Doc CD

kruger brothers remembering doc watson cd

This recording is a labor of love. Doc was our friend long before he had ever heard of us. We felt close to him. Luckily for us all, he recorded a vast repertoire that enabled him to touch the hearts of millions and fill them with a longing for a better world. His infectious enthusiasm yet humble approach to his art made us want to travel the world as musicians.

Since we first met Doc in 1997, he invited us many times to their home where we would play some of the old songs for RosaLee that she so loved. Sometimes, he would go down to the basement and bring up Merle’s old banjo for Jens to play “Frosty Morn” or “The Cuckoo.” It was such an honor.

Buy now as a CD or from iTunes Store.

New Video Released!

The Kruger Brothers found a kindred spirit in the legendary Doc Watson, who often played music from the Delmore Brothers. "Singing My Troubles Away" is from their 2013 CD, "Remembering Doc." This was recorded at Harold's Restaurant in North Wilkesboro, NC. Click here to watch on YouTube.

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